Resources for furthering education or topic discussion.

"Ready! The Training of the Search and Rescue Dog" - Susan Bulanda

"Ready to Serve, Ready to Save" - Strategies of Real Search and Rescue Missions. - Susan Bulanda

"Training the Disaster Dog" - Shirley M. Hammond

"Cadaver Dog Handbook" - Andrew Rebmann; Edward David; H. Marcella

"Scent and the Scenting Dog" - William Syrotuck

"What Happens When People Drown" - Author Unknown

"How to Develop and Train A Water Search Team" - Marian Hardy

"Scent" - Andrew Redmann

"Animals Make Us Human" - Temple Grandin

"Fundamentals of Search and Rescue" - NASAR

"Search is an Emergency" - Patrick Lavalla

"Analysis of Lost Person Behavior" - William Syrotuck

"A Statistical Analysis of Lost Persons In Wilderness Areas" - William Syrotuck

"Mountain Search For the Lost Victim" - Dennis Kelley

"Convectional Turbulence and the Air-Scenting Dog - Hatch Graham

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