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Hello, and welcome to k9-search-and-rescue.com.

A bit about me
My name is Becky and I am an EMT/K-9 Handler with Thurmont K9 Search and Rescue Team, Thurmont, MD. My K-9 partner is a Chocolate Lab named Rocket.

Search and Rescue K9

I decided to build a website about K9 Search and Rescue using a product called SBI. I started it out of my own experience of not being able to locate information on topics and questions I had regarding what to do and where to go to join a team. The only information I could find was team information and services provided. I was looking for what to expect, training requirements, and basic information that no one else seemed to provide.

My goal for k9-search-and-rescue.com is to provide that foundational information to anyone who is seeking to become a K9 handler, or a member of a search and rescue team.

If you like the site, and have ever been interested in starting an online business from home, I highly recommend doing some research on SBI!. With the exception of some "Solo Build It scam" reviews that were simply fake reviews from spammers, you'll see lots of high praise from people that actually used the product.

Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you will visit often!

Search and Rescue

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